A Story of Humbled Giving

As I come around the bend in the road, there's a break in the trees and a green pasture dotted with black cows comes into view. Angus cattle and the sign announcing Dove Creek Farm, are a welcome sight. Brother and sister partners in the operation, Don Perkins and Pat Page greet me at the car door and welcome me to Pat's home.

Through their annual gift to the Angus Foundation, Dove Creek Farm had become a familiar name, but my visit with Don and Pat opened my eyes to the true spirit of giving.

Though both enjoyed careers in pursuits other than Angus cattle, it's their love of black cows and their desire to further the advancement of the breed that inspired them to become donors to the Angus Foundation.

"We could see that the work the Angus Foundation is doing is worthwhile," states Pat. "Each area of the foundation education, youth and research, all benefit from each other. That's why we believe in the mission of the Angus Foundation."

"We are blessed beyond measure," Don adds. "It's our duty to give back. The joy we get from being a part of the Angus breed is increased tenfold knowing that what we are giving today will make a difference tomorrow."With true southern hospitality, I'm treated to a meal of great BBQ and time spent discussing life and the future of our breed. During a ride through the pasture to look at cows, I begin to understand why they love it so much. How could you not on such a pretty fall evening?

My time spent with Don and Pat was a reminder of the goodness of people in the agricultural industry and as I pulled out of their driveway, one of Don's simple staements resonated with me.

"Giving does my heart good," he said.


by: Kelli Armbruster, Angus Foundation